Hello and welcome!

In 2016, I watched an identity in the United States emerge from the shadows that I naively thought had been eradicated through years of healing after the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. That terrible identity grew and expanded as far too many fought against #metoo the following year. My own righteous indignation—as a woman in tech in a conservative state—has grown in the years since, as has my desire to use what privilege I have to help those around me.

I went to school to write, and to teach people to write. Perhaps someday I can still fulfill that dream of publishing escapist fiction as an adjunct professor. But that is not my passion right now. Try as I might to summon my fictional creativity, it’s taken a nap. The world we live in has become far stranger than fiction.

Instead, I feel the need to be a voice, a voice against the toxic identity infesting the United States. There is nothing remarkable about me. I am a white, cisgendered female, raised in a middle-class home in rural California. I am a moral conservative, an active Christian, who believes strongly in personal agency. I am a formerly centrist Republican who, in the post-2016 elections world, now lines up with the left of the Democratic party. I also have an unhealthy love of the UK and M*A*S*H. None of these characteristics are remarkable, but they are uniquely me.

In the links and pages on this site, you’ll find my attempts to make a difference in this world by decoding the words and behaviors of others, identifying harmony in dissenting opinions, and making sense out of our confusing social climate. If I can help even one person make sense of our reality, I’ll know I’ve done my part.