Monthly Archives: February 2010

Workshop 101: Don’t Waste Time You’re Already Wasting

This one, honestly, isn’t all that insightful. However, I found myself in my workshopping class again, working over three very different pieces. One was a short vignette length experimental piece that I found very entertaining. Another was a longer melancholy piece about family discord. The final one was a very long piece that included crass […]

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Workshop 101: Keeping Perspective (and a plug for Writing Excuses)

Sometimes I forget that I operate in a community I have no real place in. I am an academic to one degree, but sometimes I think that’s a very acute angle. I took a scene in to my workshopping class earlier this week. When I initially wrote it, I was very pleased. But as I […]

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Workshop 101: Being Different

A number of months ago, we were discussing in a workshop class the ways of being an artist. My professor said she was still looking for someone who was different and not mimicking someone else, arguing that nothing since Ulysses has been truly original because can trace its experimental roots to Ulysses. I disagree. I […]

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