Monthly Archives: July 2010

Workshop 101: Relocating the Groove

Until the middle of the last week, I was on a great writing kick. I was doing a lot of writing, and enjoying it. The words were flowing easily, the pieces I had not yet figured out were coming into place, and the project that had seemed daunting and had worried me that I’d bitten […]

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Workshop 101: Feedback and Grains of Salt

Feedback was a new experience for me when I started going to my writing group. My creative writing classes weren’t at a point where we’d done critiquing yet. I’ve never been very good at taking critiquing advice with a single grain of salt. This is most likely related to my problem of over-salting food when […]

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Workshop 101: Just Do It

And I don’t mean in the Nike slogan sort of way. Well, maybe I do mean in the Nike slogan sort of way. This summer has been a real learning experience for me about how and why I write. I started the summer wondering if I even liked writing. What made me choose to get […]

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