2012 Favorites

2012 wasn’t a bad year for me. Got a new and improved job, closed up a few old wounds, and bought a new TV (shush, I really like my TV). I expect nothing less out of 2013.

Still, I’d like to recap some of my favorite discoveries of 2012.

Favorite Movie – Skyfall
I love Bond movies, always have. When I saw how much of M was going to be in Skyfall, I was excited. Love me some Judi Dench. I was also hopeful after the let down that was Quantum of Solace. This film totally delivered. Great action sequences, a vulnerable 007, fascinating and amusing character development, and a wonderful salute to the past (Aston Martin DB5 ftw). The film hit every right note for me. Oh, and Sam Mendes is welcome to keep directing Bond movies, thanks.

Runner-up – The Avengers
What can I say? I’m a DC girl, but Marvel makes the better movies. I waited significantly longer to see this movie than I otherwise would have so I could watch it with Sarah in New York—I seem to always watch movies that include NYC destruction when I’m visiting—which was fun, even if the wait was excruciating. Watching the character films culminate into The Avengers was a very satisfying movie experience. I’m totally ready for wave two to start this year.

Favorite Book – Partials
This was a slow reading year for me, worst in a long time. However, I loved most of what I did read. At the top of that list was Partials by Dan Wells. The human race has been destroyed, save a small settlement on Long Island, and the RM virus is killing every newborn within hours. Our main character, Kira, dares to take a group into Manhattan searching for a Partial—cyborgs created as fighters in a previous war, now the declared enemy of humans—to see if they hold the key to curing RM. And then the whole thing falls into chaos. I’d been wanting to read a Dan Wells book for a while—he’s great on “Writing Excuses” and fun to listen to at LTUE—but I was waiting for one of his books to really capture me. This one sure did. There is nothing earth-shattering or new to the genre, but unlike most dystopians it’s not a complete downer.

Favorite New TV Show – Arrow
Okay, fine. I still miss Smallville. Which makes me inclined to watch another CW rehashing of a DC character. And yes, some of the acting is bad, and some of the characters dry and dull, but I like the Starling City they’ve built, and how different this Oliver Queen is from Smallville’s. Admittedly, Oliver feels a lot like Bruce, and Starling City feels suspiciously like Gotham, but I think that’s part of why I’m enjoying it.

Favorite New Old Game – System 7 Resurrected
In August, I discovered that Apple has System 7 available and free on the website for anyone wanting to install it in an emulator. Well, as soon as I knew that, I just couldn’t resist. If you didn’t know, I was raised on Apple. We bought our first computer in the late 80s and it was an Apple IIGS. It got replaced in 1993 with a Macintosh Performa that we used until the original iMac DV Special Edition came out (yes, the first model with a DVD-ROM drive). The first OS to be dubbed “Mac OS” was 7.6. The System 7 available on the website was one of the last updates before it gained that designation. And let me tell you—I had a lot of favorite games from those good days. Now I’ve got SimTower, SimCity 2000, and Lemmings back in my life.

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