Book Review – Princess in Love

Title: Princess in Love
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
Year: 2002

Of the first three Princess Diaries books, I think this one is my favorite. There is a different tone here, and one that I think suits the story better and in the end lets you experience Mia’s excitement almost right alongside her.

Of course, this is still in diary form, so there is always a delay in reaction. We never see anything as it happens in the present, always through Mia’s written censor. But the contents of Princess in Love feel more at home in that context. I don’t know about the rest of you girls out there, but in high school I had journal entries and babbles about boys I liked. Mortifies me now, but they were there, and most girls who kept a regular diary or journal like I did were the same way, I would wager to guess. And this one is, for the most part, about boys, love, and clothes. Relatable high school diary entries.

Mia, in fact, has a boyfriend, although he’s not the boyfriend she wants, and she makes that clear from the first entry. Instead she wants Michael, Lilly’s older brother who has early acceptance to Columbia and would never like someone like Mia, who is failing Algebra without his help and the help of her new stepfather, her Algebra teacher.

Her mess of a love life comes together when Grandmère makes a visit to Mia when she has decided not to go to the winter dance. It’s really the first time we see true compassion from Grandmère in the series (as I stated in my Princess Diaries review, very different from Julie Andrews). That was a wonderful moment. The mental image of a dowager princess climbing out onto a New York fire escape in the snow to convince her granddaughter to go to the dance.

The book ends with Mia on her way to Genovia for her first royal visit. I’m looking forward to that, ha.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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