Smallville Withdrawals

Even though I’m watching three different primetime DC Comics shows at the moment, they don’t quite fill the void of Smallville in my heart. You could say I remember Smallville through rose-colored glasses. Or I could admit that deep involvement in fandom fueled my love for the show. We could also address that I can’t love Arrow, Flash, or even Gotham as much simply because they’re not about Superman. All of the above are true.

But let’s be real, okay?

I miss this face.

Tom Welling, ladies and gentlemen. He causes withdrawals.

Tall. Dark. Handsome. That smile. We’ve been crazy about that smile from the beginning.

But we don’t need a smile. He can be crying.

Or frustrated.

Or over-acting with his eyebrows in true Emma Watson-type fashion.

Erica gets it.

Of course, she got to have moments like this and we didn’t.

Ah, well.

Don’t give us that look, Tom. It’s really not our fault that the glasses nearly killed us. Oh, the glasses.

And then, in 2011, Smallville left us. Left us to fantasize the further adventures of Clark Kent and Lois Lane (and occasionally read Smallville: Season 11, which just wasn’t the same).

Fast forward now to October 2013. Buzzfeed shared a new and exciting discovery—we like Tom even better with salt and pepper hair!

tumblr_n8lp6hKAJ81qeb1clo3_r1_250 tumblr_n2z9zjyDrf1s70bnlo1_r1_250
How did you get that much more attractive after playing Superman? Like, really.

I know, we don’t believe it either.

Just keep smiling, Tom. And rocking that salt and pepper.

Oh, and please find another regular gig again soon. Thanks.

In conclusion: I miss Smallville.


Bonus! This picture. Common side effect: weak knees.
Weak Knees Expected

*Note: As these images are gifs, credit is almost impossible to track down. If you recognize one of your creations, please let me know and I’ll credit you.

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