The Emotional States of Not Being at Comic Con

I’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con. Not from lack of interest, but from lack of proper planning (and lack of someone to go with who shares enough matching interests).

This means that around this time every year, I have to deal with my emotions of not going to SDCC. I’m sure many of you can relate.


First, the sadness.
Every Sad Song

Then your inner geek wakes up, and you begin to despair.
made to suffer

Why didn’t you remember this depression when registration went up? Set yourself reminders?
Downton Ring

Jealousy sets in. Jealousy because amazingness happens.
Loki visit SDCC

And you’re missing it. Again. For the sake of self-preservation, you handle it poorly.
Gina thumbs down

You pretend you don’t care. Whatevs. Who needs Comic Con anyway? Not me.
Matthew Broderick

But then, something magical happens.
enchanted magic

You remember, all announcements and (most) videos are online during or right after their panels.
Sherlock happy

And you didn’t even have to wait outside overnight to hear them from Hall H.
Anna Excitment not contained

And you can nerd out from the comfort of your couch or desk chair.
chair dance

And you still have nerd friends to geek out with without being there.
Hobbits reunited

Oh, and you can judge the cosplay without them knowing you’re judging (the good and the bad).
Picard giggle

So yes. There is still that part of you that knows you’re missing something.
Ariel wants more

But even if you’re not there, Comic Con weekend is still a pretty great weekend.
parks and recs

Happy Comic Con weekend, friends!

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