Top 10 Potential Dates

I have tried to keep my personal life (outside of my writing life) pretty well off this blog. But not anymore—I want this to be a blog of me and all my interests, and not just me babbling about books and writing.

I used to maintain a list of things that I wouldn’t do without a boy taking me. I’ve broken a number of those now (the list used to include restaurants that have been tried owing to their gluten free menus). However, there’s a whole different list of things I’ve never touched because as much as I love doing things by myself, there are some things that are more fun with another person.

So, here is a list of ten dates I’d love to do, in no particular order.

  1. Registry scanners – How is Target gonna know that you’re not engaged? Or that you don’t have a bun in the oven? I’d say either split up from your date and compare your registry lists or take another couple with you and compare each other’s lists. But let’s face it, this is fun simply because you play with a barcode scanner.
  2. Double date: cooking war – You and your date meet another couple at a market of your choice (could be really fun to do something like the Orange Artisan Market). Make a spending budget then retire to two different kitchens. Two hours later, meet back up to share food and decide who cooked the best meal.
  3. Paperback rag exchange – Go to Barnes & Noble, each pick out a paperback book, preferably a ridiculous one, and buy it for the other. Spend the rest of the night attempting to read said ridiculous book, hopefully having some zingers to share. And who knows, maybe you end up with a new paperback guilty pleasure.
  4. Sporting event – I’m not picky about what kind, but I’d love to go to more sports (and unlike last time I went to a pro game, be sitting next to people I know rather than strangers). College, pro, Reno Air Races, whatever!
  5. The $5 gift – Go somewhere, preferably with quirky little shops (Balboa, antique malls, LA flea markets or suburban downtowns), and buy the other one a present that is worth no more than 5 bucks.
  6. CA mission(s) – I love the California missions. I love their setup, the history, the simple beauty of the chapels, and the history between the Catholic missionaries and the native Californians. I’ve been to about half of them, but most of the ones I haven’t seen are in SoCal, so…golden opportunity!
  7. State park – I love state parks, and their simple scale compared to the national parks (not to say I don’t love Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Redwood, etc. because I do). I also feel like we need to support them, what with how many CA had to close last year. But between LA, Orange, and San Diego counties, there’s a huge offering of state parks so easy to get to.
  8. Museum and people watching – Two of my favorite things in the whole world, and luckily they go amazingly together. Not only can you look at cool historical artifacts or weird-tastic art, but you can make up stories about the people there with you. Who is there by force, who is a museum rat, who is a hipster, who is drugged up. Sit there, enjoy the atmosphere, and make up stories together for the other people in the museum with you.
  9. Restaurant hop – Appetizer at one restaurant, entree at another, dessert at another. Why? Simply because you can.
  10. Double/Triple date: girls vs boys bowling – Girls on one side, boys on the other, and you have to bowl at the same exact time as your date, to allow for the playful taunting and awkwardness of bowling at the same time as someone else. Losing team buys the food.

MY CHALLENGE! To my single friends: make your own list of top ten potential dates. To my attached friends: come up with ten date ideas you and your significant other haven’t done. To my married friends: come up with ten unusual fun things to do together.

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I probably won’t actually do this post but we’ll see. I mean, there IS a ridiculous number of things to do here in NYC. Then again … I did sign up briefly for How About We and stopped because I couldn’t come up with anything decent. So doing this post probably isn’t the best idea …

Maybe all the reason to try it? I was terrible at How About We, too, but this list was pretty easy for me.

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