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Oh, this list is hard, and then I read Kelly and Kimberly’s list on Broke and Bookish and realized that we have similar tastes in characters, so I feel like so much of this is copying them. In reality, we’re just equally awesome people.

  1. Fred and George Weasley, Harry Potter Series – Without them, I would not love Harry Potter, and if I didn’t love Harry Potter, well, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. End of story.
  2. Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew Mysteries – Before I was exposed to Sherlock, I had Nancy Drew. I loved Nancy, I wanted to be Nancy, and it saddened me when I’d read enough and become old enough that I was smarter than Nancy. But I loved that I was never without a Nancy Drew to read growing up.
  3. Sherlock Holmes – I’ve been fixated on Sherlock for a little less than five years. I’m not picky about my incarnation of him—Conan Doyle, Laurie King, Great Mouse Detective, Guy Ritchie/Robert Downey Jr., and of course Moffat/Gattis. Oh, and my master’s thesis. I love him as a highly flawed character who sees very little flaw in himself. And he will never stop being interesting to me.
  4. Cinna, The Hunger Games – I’ve jokingly called myself Team Cinna in the Hunger Games camp, and that’s not so much that I ship Katniss/Cinna as it is that I just adore him as a character. A wonderful mentor, and the kind of person I wish I had to help me stay focused.
  5. Scout, To Kill a Mockingbird – Doesn’t every little girl relate to Jean Louise “Scout” Finch? I sure did the first time I read it. But then…I love every character in To Kill a Mockingbird. I could fill up half this list with them.
  6. Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer / Huckleberry Finn – I was asked by a classmate in grad school who my favorite American author was. I said Mark Twain, without pausing, and he stared at me blankly. He said he’d never considered Mark Twain as a viable answer to that question. I laughed. While I will admit the more powerful book is Huckleberry Finn, it’s not my favorite. I love Tom, and you should have heard my cry of glee when Tom shows up at the end of Huck Finn.
  7. Vin, Mistborn Trilogy – Brandon crafted a wonderful blend of a character in Vin for the Mistborn series. From the very first chapter I fell in love with her, and wished I had the kind of guts she did, not to mention wished I lived in the world she did, even though I knew it was dirty and disgusting.
  8. Menolly, The Harper Hall Trilogy (et al Dragonriders of Pern) – Yes, she’s a Mary Sue. Yes, she’s good at everything, she can even make little fire lizards sing. That doesn’t stop me from loving her, and wanting to run off to a medieval society when I can study at a Harper Hall and show up every boy and music instructor on the premises.
  9. Amelia Peabody, The Amelia Peabody Series – She’s a spitfire. And she raids Egyptian tombs, and solves mysteries. Sometimes in full-on Victorian garb. And beats up men with an umbrella. And tamed one of the grumpiest men alive into a respectable husband. Love her.
  10. Rebecca Baxter, Gallagher Girls – I think what I love so much about Bex is she’s the one of Cammie’s crew that I don’t relate to in the least. We have next to nothing in common, and it makes her very interesting to me. Many of my friends over the years have been the Rebecca Baxters of this world, and have helped keep me from being a spineless recluse.
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Another Nancy Drew fan, awesome! Can’t believe she didn’t make it onto more people’s TTT list!

I spent a lot of time with Nancy Drew growing up! And then when I got old enough, I started reading the first couple of chapters and skipping to the end to see if I was right, haha. It was good for my deductive reasoning, ha.



All your favourite characters are awesome. I especially like your reason for choosing Rebecca Baxter from Gallagher Girls. I was really worried about what Ally had done to her character when I read the start of ‘Out of Sight Out of Time’, would have been awful if things didn’t work out for them lol.  

Oh, I know, right? The first half of the book made me anxious, mostly because of the way Bex was acting. But I loved the interaction with Bex and Cammie this last time around, after you start to realize exactly why Bex is acting the way she is.

Tom Sawyer is a great choice. Such an interesting character.

Here’s my list ofTop Ten All Time Favorite Characters in Books. Please stop by and let me know what you think.

Excellent choices! I really like that Cinna made it to a lot of people’s lists. And Fred&George are awesome.

Cinna and Peeta seem to be the Hunger Games characters of choice. There must be something to be said about that…ha.

I see F&G a lot you know all over these lists and — it’s weird. I always thought they were just an annoying afterthought and weren’t much needed in the series at all. So strange.

Nice list, never mind the fact that I haven’t read most of the books on it 😛

Annoying afterthought? Interesting. I don’t think they were needed by any means, but I loved their presence. Then again, when I first did my list last night I had like, 5 sets of pranksters on here. They got removed with the Star Wars EU people, haha.

I love Bex from the Gallagher Girls series as well and I love Nancy Drew.


Megan@YA? Why Not?

Thanks for stopping by! The Weasly twins are quite popular this week, and well deserved. I like what you said about Bex, I feel the same way about Evie from Paranormalcy-she is much more clever and fashion-forward than I am!

What a fun list!  I’m excited to look for the ones I haven’t read.  I remember being confused by Nancy Drew as a child because she had a female friend named George.  This blew my mind.  In middle school I read the slightly racy “Riverside High” / “modern” Nancy Drew series.  I remember very  little about them, but what’s not to like about a teenage detective?

LOVE Nancy Drew! I read and re-read her books as a kid. Scout made my Top Ten too 🙂

So, I’m showing up to the party a little late. But I have to agree with you on Scout. I loved her.  Other favourite include Rose of Sharon {The Grapes of Wrath}, Hermione {Harry Potter}, and I can’t think of any more because it’s late. I should do a post on my favourites….

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