Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That I’d Name My Children After

This one just makes me LOL and I’m actually going to have to think about it, so here it goes.

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  1. Menolly (The Harper Hall Trilogy and other Pern novels) – I pronounce it one way, my dad pronounces it another, and my roommate pronounces yet another. My preferred pronounciation is Men-ALL-ee, and I think it’s so pretty. And if I lived on Pern, I would be jealous of her and we would need to be best friends.
  2. Jaina (Star Wars extended universe) – I’ve got to give Han and Leia credit; they know how to give their kids good names…until they named their youngest Anakin. Sigh, family names. But Jaina Solo has long been my favorite of the next gen characters and I’m very fond of J names.
  3. Katarina (Heist Society) – She’s got attitude (which would serve me right if my kid did, too) but I’ve always liked Kat as a nickname, and I think Katarina is a little more unexpected than Katherine or Katie.
  4. Bex (Gallagher Girls) – Bex is the best shortening of Rebecca ever. I seriously love it. And I want a cool spy-ish best friend from Britain, too. It’s true.
  5. Ehlanda (The Elenium and Mallorean) – The frozen queen that Sparhawk has to save (another fantastic name but I would never inflict that on a child of mine). I would not spell the same way, that H drives me crazy, but she’s a spunky little thing I like the way it sounds.
  6. Mary (The Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mysteries) – Yes, I am attached enough to these books and love Mary enough that I would name my child Mary and then tell her she was not named after her aunt, no. No, she was named after the wive of Sherlock Holmes. Yup.
  7. Clark (Superman) – Yeah…I would totally do that to my child and give them a serious inferiority complex. Maybe they would never figure out I named them after Superman. Then again, if I named my kid Clark he’d be quite the little investigator so he would know by the time he was four.
  8. Ron, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, Ginny, Arthur, or Molly (but not Percy) – I love my Weasley family, okay? And if I were honest with myself and decided to name a kid any of the above names, the influence would be J.K. Rowling and the best literary family ever created.
  9. Sarene (Elantris) – Apparently you don’t pronounce this the way I do. I thought it was sar-EEN. The first time I heard Brandon pronounce it in class I had no idea who he was talking about, because it’s actually Sar-ay-nay or something like that. I don’t know. Sorry, Brandon, my pronunciation is better. And yeah, she’s another one of those kick-butt princesses I enjoy so much. Meh.
  10. Zayvion (Allie Beckstrom books) – So the poor kid would have to deal with a name like Zayvion, which is unfortunate, but Zay as a nickname for a guy? You can’t tell me that isn’t amazing. Ha
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With David’s Alexander on his way, I’m tempted to name my firstborn son Clark. Just for kicks.

LOL, I think you should.

Maybe I should see how Alex starts to turn out before I decide if I need to give him an arch nemesis.

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Oh don’t be so hard on Percy, he comes around in the end!

Oh, it’s nothing against Percy, I just don’t like his name very much, lol.

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